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Double Delivery Pumps for Phosphoric Acid Slurry

In the process of manufacture of fertilisers, phosphoric acid made from rock phosphate slurry plays a crucial role. The phosphoric acid laden with fine slurry needs to be pumped to various locations in the plant.

KISHOR PUMPS visited the similar site to study the application and provides solution to the problems faced by industry. KISHOR PUMPS proposes a cantilever vertical double delivery pump in duplex stainless steel material. The following advantages were envisioned by KISHOR PUMPS:

a)Being a vertical submerged pump, gland packing/mechanical seal was not required.

b) The impeller is always submerged in the liquid therefore priming is eliminated.

c) Being double delivery, radial thrust is balanced which eliminates the need for having intermediate support wet bearings in the column shaft. This was critical since it was a slurry application.

d) Being a cantilever design pump, intermediate bushes are eliminated and hence no external flushing is required.

e) Self-draining.

f) Due to balanced hydraulics, there was no restriction on the duty point of the pump.

This was particularly a transfer duty application wherein the duty point of the pump may change and shift away from the best efficiency point (BEP).

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