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Social Development

Clean water campaign "Pyara Paani"

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Water loves to be used, but not abused. Water is for drinking. Water is for cleaning. Water is for bathing. Water is for swimming. Water is for trees. Water is for animals. Water is created by Nature. The next generation will face an unbearable shortage of clean water by 2025, if we are not serious about recycling water. Used water can be easily recycled if it is free from any artificial or non-biodegradable waste. Let us stop throwing waste and garbage in our rivers, lakes, canals or wells. Let us keep our water sources clean and make recycling easy.

The campaign is conducted through various media like interviews, music CDs, articles and presentations. The CD has lovely songs sung by our Chairman, Kishor N. Desai, Shankar Mahadevan, Sadhana Sargam and many others. The campaign is targeted to reduce the tendency to dirty our water sources by artificial waste, which is non- biodegradable (eg: throwing plastic bags, wrappers, packing material etc. in water bodies). Considering the inevitable shortage of fresh water sources, it is becoming imperative to recycle used water as much as possible. Recycling is easy and economical if the water is clean from non-biodegradable waste. As a part of the campaign nearly 100,000 CDs have been distributed to children & schools in an effort to make the children aware of the problem and get them involved in the movement.

Fine Arts & Sports
KISHOR is one of the major patrons of events & competitions in Indian classical art, theatre & sports.

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