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Product Design Philosophy

At Kishor Pumps, the design procedure for the products revolves around a holistic approach which incorporates factors that optimise the resource efficiency over the lifecycle of the product. Every product designed from concept to its final form, minimises the impact on natural resources. We have to realize that the environment has limited capacity to supply us with the valuable natural resources which the Earth is endowed with. We cannot go on consuming the resources indefinitely. 

While designing any product, consideration is given to how best can the need for material or processes be minimised without compromising on its performance parameters for the desired duty. In this way the supply chain can operate more efficiently in how the materials or services are delivered to Kishor Pumps. There are numerous inefficiencies in the value chain of any product, and eliminating or reducing the need for materials or processes at any point in the value chain has a multiplier effect on reducing the wastage or reducing the inefficiencies in the supply chain.

In addition to resource efficiency, every product is designed to ensure that the product can be reused or its components recycled to the maximum possible extent after the product has performed its desired duty over its life. In essence, at Kishor Pumps, we follow a cradle-to-cradle product design philosophy instead of a cradle-to-grave design philosophy. We deeply believe in the urgency to reduce the wastage of natural resources, reuse the product, and recycle it at the end of its life. 

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