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End suction single stage high pressure pumps for hydrogenation plant operating at 180 degree Celsius

Solution provided to: Aarti Industries (Located in Vapi) Leaders in Specialty Chemicals based in Gujarat for an import substitution of high pressure pumps.

Process: The process is possible when Hydrogen gas is abundant. The Hydrogen gas is passed through the loop reactor in which catalysts are used. This is a closed loop system. There are 3 distinct benefits for the customer by going for this process. a) Increase the productivity. b) Increase the purity. c) By slight change in the catalyst, one can go for different new chemicals.

Solutions provided and Execution Plan:

There were 3 major aspects in the process which were important to be considered

a) Suction pressure of 30 kg/cm2 .

b) Selection of mechanical seal and API PLAN since the operating temperature of the pumping liquid was 1800C and high pressure.

c) Casting source should be reliable from the point of view that there should not be any thermal expansion in the material at any point due to high temperature and pressure.

KISHOR PUMPS quoted for the high pressure import substitute pump and bagged the order in the year 2005. The pump was commissioned successfully under the guidance of competent service team of KISHOR PUMPS.

Since then KISHOR PUMPS got repeat order from Aarti Industries for high pressure pumps at their different locations. Aarti Industries is satisfied with the performance of pump

Benefit to Aarti Industries:

a) Saving in price of pump and spares against international pump manufacturer. b) Lesser delivery time of pump and spares compared to international pump manufacturer. c) Being a local manufacturer, after sales service can be given much faster compared to international pump manufacture

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