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Which materials are used for Hydraulic parts for various liquids?

Material of construction of Typical liquids

hydraulic parts

1. Cast Iron Water, Sewage, 98.5% H2SO4 at amb. temp, Mercury 2. Ductile Iron Thermic Fluids 3. Ni- Resist Sea water, Acidic water 4. Ni-Hard Abrasive Slurries 5. Cast Steel Hydrocarbons in refineries, Thermic Fluids 6. Stainless Steel CF8, CF3 HNO3 at ambient temp, Solvents 7. Stainless Steel CF8M, CF3M Effluents, DM water, Solvents, Corrosive liquids 8. Duplex Stainless Steel H3PO4, Abrasive solutions, Sea water 9. 28/2 Cr. Mo H2SO4 at elevated temperatures 10. Alloy 20 Dilute H2SO4 11. HV 9A / 904L Gypsum slurry, P2O5 12. Hastelloy-B,C Corrosive liquids including effluents 13. R-55 Mixture of acids, spin-bath solution 14. C3C High temperature corrosive liquids, Sulphuric acid 15. Rubber lining Hydrochloric acid, Brine

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